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Welcome to Girls of Oz International Phone Sex TV, a Live Multi-Channel, and Interactive Phone Sex Show of the hottest Phone sex Babes, Glamour Models and Porn Stars available in the world. That’s right you get to speak Live to the Girls of Oz Babe you see on screen! Why just chat with your favourite Girls of Oz Babe when you can see and interact with them as well? Calls can be made from anywhere in the world from your Phone, Tablet or PC (just like Skype) – Billed direct to your phone or credit card.
Multi-Channel Viewing
At Girls of Oz International Live TV we have 4 live channel streams to choose from. So if the Girls of Oz babe of your choice is not on channel 1? Then be sure to check on channels two, three and four to make sure that you have seen all the live smoking hot talent on offer for your viewing pleasure and interaction.
Switch Channels during a Call
Want to switch channels during a live call? With the latest Streaming technology available Girls of Oz International allows callers to switch channels during a live call and hook up with a new Girls of Oz Babe of your choice.

Easy Payment Options Are Available

Pay by Phone or Credit Card
Thanks to Girls of Oz International Lives’ unique and convenient billing system. Calls can now be paid for either by credit card or billed directly to your monthly phone bill. Simply choose which option you prefer by clicking on either the “Pay with Credit Card” or “Pay by Phone” tabs underneath the screen before you make the call.

Technology Let’s You Stream From Anywhere

Call from your Phone, PC or Tablet
Thanks to the latest VOIP technology calls to this service can be made from your PC or any of your internet enabled mobile devices. As long as you have an internet connection and a microphone, you are able to hook up and make calls to the Girls of Oz International babes.

View Cam Girls From Anywhere In The World

Call from Anywhere in the World
No matter where you are in the world as long as you have an internet connection. You are able to tune into and hook up with the Girls of Oz International Babes anywhere any time.
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